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Faculty and Staff

Contact Ms. J. Chumbook  Ms. J. Chumbook English Teacher
Contact Ms. M. Ghafari  Ms. M. Ghafari Science Teacher
Contact Mr. D. Helguera  Mr. D. Helguera Math Teacher
Contact Ms. L. Hernandez  Ms. L. Hernandez Math Teacher
Contact Mr. M. Loera  Mr. M. Loera Social Studies Teacher
Contact Mr. S. Malek  Mr. S. Malek English Teacher
Contact Mr. J. Zanki  Mr. J. Zanki Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Mr. S. E. Saravia  Mr. S. E. Saravia Assistant Principal
Office Staff
Contact Ms. T. Rubio  Ms. T. Rubio Sch. Administrative Assistant
Counseling Staff
Contact Ms. T. Campbell  Ms. T. Campbell Options Counselor
Contact Ms. T. Kitchen  Ms. T. Kitchen PSW
Contact Ms. K. Mitchell  Ms. K. Mitchell A-G counsleor
Contact Mr. M. Rodriguez  Mr. M. Rodriguez PSW
Contact Ms. B. Teramoto  Ms. B. Teramoto PSA
Parent Representative
Contact Ms. B. Rangel  Ms. B. Rangel Parent Community Rep.
Maintenance & Operations
Contact Ms. I. Hernandez  Ms. I. Hernandez Building & Grounds Worker