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New Student Enrollment

Step 1: New Student Interview Requirement

  • Students home school will refer student on MISIS program
  • Student must be accompanied by their Parent / Guardian.
  • Bring Transcripts from their previous school.
  • Bring a CDS Referral Form filled out from their last school of attendance (BULLETIN NO. BUL-847). 
  • Enrollment interview. 

BUL-847_REFERRALCDS.pdf (Click on the link to download the form)


 * If accepted, the student and parent/guardian will move on to Step 2. Alonzo CDS will provide an acceptance letter, which the student will furnish that letter to his/her current school, so that they can proceed with the final check out and provide the student with a P.A.R. and Official Transcript.


Step 2 : 

Student Registration (Please bring the following documents at the time of the interview.)

  • Student's Birth Certificate
  • Current Immunization Records
  • Proof of Current Residency, which must show the name of: Parent/Guardian or Caregiver with current date and residence address
    • Utility service bill (Gas Company, DWP)
    • Property Taxes, Rental or Lease Agreement
    • Official Government mail
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