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Parent Resources

Contact Mr. M. Loera  Mr. M. Loera Social Studies Instructor
Contact E. Mr. Alcala  E. Mr. Alcala PSA
Contact H. Mr. Helguera  H. Mr. Helguera Math Teacher
Contact B. Mrs. Rangel  B. Mrs. Rangel Parent Community Rep.
Contact J. Ms. Chumbook  J. Ms. Chumbook English Teacher
Contact M. Ms. Ghafari  M. Ms. Ghafari Science Teacher
Contact C. Ms. May  C. Ms. May English Teacher
Contact B. Ms. Teramoto  B. Ms. Teramoto PSA
Contact T. Rubio  T. Rubio Staff
Contact S. E. Saravia  S. E. Saravia Assistant Principal
Contact Joseph Zanki  Joseph Zanki Principal

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Monthly Glance
  • August 28th - Mandatory Graduation Meeting
  • August 28th - LACC Classes begin
  • Sept. 5 - Dodgers vs. NY Mets Game
  • Sept. 6 - Back to School Night