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College Admissions

Choose Your Path
Choose Your Path

College Admissions

Step 1: Have you met the A-G Requirements? Checklist

              Speak to your counselor to review your class requirements.


Step 2: Select the Higher Education route you would like to take.

            Trade school, Community College, Cal State Universities (CSU), or University of California (UC)


Step 3: Each Higher Education Institution have their own application deadlines, which need to be met.

Community College California State Uni. (CSU) University of California (UC)

July 1, 2019 - Fall 2019

Friday, October 25, 2019 - Spring 2020

November 30, 2019 - Fall 2020 November 30, 2019 -  Fall 2020


Step 4: Financial Aid - Filing period for FAFSA and Cal Grant Verification Form opens for applicants to all terms (filing period open Oct. 1, 2019 through March 2, 2020)


Step 5: Take College Entry Exams: All CSU, UC, and some private colleges you are required to take either SAT or ACT. In Community colleges you must take a placement test after enrolling.

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)

American College Test - (ACT)



College Planning Resources

Career Explorer - Self-Assessments can help you know yourself better. And knowing yourself better can help you choose a satisfying job or occupational field to explore.


National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) - Get information on the college admission process.


Los Angeles City College

Santa Monica College

Los Angeles Trade Tech College


Cal State University - Learn about the California State University (CSU) system and apply for admission. The CSU system has 23 campuses throughout the state of California.


University of California - Learn about the University of California (UC) system, including how to meet admissions requirements for each of the nine campuses offering admission to college freshmen.


Financial Aid - Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)


College Entry Exams - SAT / ACT